Career Opportunities in Computer and Technology

  • Course Level: 13 - 17 yrs
  • Videos: 4
  • Duration: 54:00 mins.

Technology is changing our world very fast. In view of automation and robotics, career options are evolving as never before.

The objectives of the course are to teach you:

  • Different job position in product based CSE companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon etc.
  • Different job positions in service based companies likeTCS,Wipro,Infosys,etc.
  • Skills required for a technology profession
  • How to develop the required skills
  • How to plan in advance from school or +2 to become a technology professional

After completion of the course, you can take informed decision on your career goals and also can help your friends who are interested in technology field.

  • Introduction to career in the field of technology Login to see preview 8.00 mins This is an introduction lesson focusing on how to get into technology field.
  • Job options in technology along with estimated salary Premium content 21.00 mins You will learn what is service oriented and product based companies and what kind of people required in these companies.
  • Skills required to become a technology professional Premium content 14.00 mins In this lesson, you will learn about the skills you need to develop to work in technology field.
  • How to start from your school Premium content 11.00 mins You will achieve great heights if you start your preparation from school or +2 to become a technology professional. It's easy and fun.

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