Master Guide To Banking Transactions

  • Course Level: 11 - 17 yrs
  • Videos: 5
  • Duration: 50:00 mins.

Banks are essential part of our society. So children should be taught in and outs of banking system from very initial age. This course, designed by Mudit Gupta, will walk you through the various aspects of banking transactions through the eyes of popular characters Jethalal and Bhide. Jethalal is a businessman and Bhide is a teacher from famous TV comedy soap 'Tarak Mehta Ka Olta Chashma'.

Objectives of the Course:

  • Basic understanding of the banks and different type of banks
  • Familiarise with variuos kind of transactions
  • Electronic Payment System (online payments like internet banking and Paytm etc.)
  • Banking rules and regulations

After completion of this course, you will know what to do exactly when you enter a bank next time. You can process online transactions securely.

  • Introduction and definition of a bank Login to see preview 9.00 mins In this lesson we would understand the literal meaning of a bank. We would also understand the sources of income of a bank.
  • Cash and Cheque Systems of Transaction. Premium content 11.00 mins In this lesson we would see our first method of transaction i.e. the Cash system. In the latter part of the lesson we would analyse the cheque transactions.
  • Demand Draft Premium content 7.00 mins In this lesson we would understand the loopholes of the cheque transaction system that paved way for the demand draft system of transaction.
  • Debit Card Premium content 11.00 mins In this lesson we would understand the utility of a Debit card. We would begin by understanding their security features, followed by their use in the Point-of-Sale device and an ATM machine.
  • Electronic Payment System and Banking Regulation Premium content 12.00 mins In the first half of this lesson we would analyse the current trend of Electronic Payments in the country. In the latter portion we would understand the banking regulation in India and the banking classification.

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