Roadmap To Become A Class Leader Or Group Leader

  • Course Level: 11 - 17 yrs
  • Videos: 4
  • Duration: 21:00 mins.

Do you wish to become a leader in your class? Or captain of your sports team and win great games? If so, this course helps you to fullfill your wish. Leadership qualities can be groomed and cultivated from the early stage on life. This course shows you ways to beome a leader and help your peers and classmates to achieve their goals.

Who can take this course:

  • Children aged between 11 and 17 years
  • Children who want to be a leader

Objectives of the course:

  • Understand leadership in a school or college environment
  • Skills and qualities required of a leder
  • Steps to take to become a leader
  • Managing conflicts as a leader
  • Studying a real-time leader, Dr. Abdul Kalam

After completing this course you can:

  • Plan and implement to become a leader
  • Help your classmates to achieve their goals
  • Manage conflicts in class rooms and on play grounds

This course is designed by Careerfont team and presented by Megha Kandpal.

  • Introduction to leadership Login to see preview 5.00 mins This is an introductory lesson. You will learn what is leadership. And let us explore how fictional characters Mythreyi and Ramesh want to be leaders.
  • Skills to develop to become a leader Login to see preview 8.00 mins You will learn key skills required to be a leader and how to acquire those skills.
  • Manage conflicts in your class or team Premium content 4.00 mins This chapter focuses on conflicts. You will learn the importance of conflict management and how to resolve conflicts in class, ground or anywhere.
  • Leadership secrets of great Dr. Abdul Kalam Premium content 4.00 mins You will learn what are big 5 traits of a leader. You will see how Dr. Abdul Kalam inspired the nation with his leadership traits.

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