What is GPS and Its Uses in Our Daily Life

  • Course Level: 13 - 17 yrs
  • Videos: 3
  • Duration: 32:00 mins.

Ever wondered how those tiny cars on Uber and Ola apps move around. How google maps gives you precise directions? Weherever you stand on the earth, how can you or your parents can find out your location within seconds? It is the magic of GPS.

Objectives of the course

  • How ancient people used to navigate
  • How modern societies use GPS to navigate around the globe
  • How satellites work together to find out your whereabouts

  • Introduction to Magic of GPS Login to see preview 7.00 mins We will look at the need of GPS in our today's society. How ancient societies used to make navigation etc.
  • The Role of Satellites in GPS Premium content 9.00 mins In this chapter, you will learn how satellites work together to find your position.
  • Applications of GPS Premium content 16.00 mins Learn about more interesting technicalities of GPS and its applications in our daily life.

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