What To Believe And What Not To Belive On Inernet

  • Course Level: 11 - 17 yrs
  • Videos: 6
  • Duration: 46:00 mins.

Internet is a double-edged sword! It can make you both smart or stupid based on how you use it. For children starting to explore the world, intenet seems very fascinating with information of every kind. This course is for the children from 11 to 17 years to understand the internet properly. You will learn how to process and verify the information available on internet.

Who can take this course:

  • Children aged between 11 and 17 years
  • Parents who want to educate their children on how to use internet positively

Objectives of the course:

  • Inner workings of internet
  • Understand how images are manipulated
  • Understand how videos are manipulated
  • Email frauds and how to protect ourselves
  • Fake news and how to identify it
  • misuse of social networks to manipulate opinions
  • Tips to identify genuine websites and information on internet

After completing this course you can:

  • Use internet wisely
  • protect yourself from email scams
  • Stay away from fake news and fake sites
  • Identify jokes and messages which try to manipulate your opinions without giving any facts

This course is designed and presented by Megha Kandpal.

  • Introduction to the course Premium content 10.00 mins Learn objectives of the course and how information flows on internet.
  • Image manipulation Premium content 3.00 mins Learn what is image manipulation and how fake images are created.
  • Video manipulation Premium content 7.00 mins Understand how videos are edited and manipulated to gain viewership and give wrong information.
  • Eamil fraud and fake news Login to see preview 12.00 mins Learn how to identify email frauds and fake news and protect your privacy.
  • Political humour on social network Login to see preview 4.00 mins Learn how some sections of people use social networks and messaging apps to manipulate our opinions.
  • How to identify genuine sources on internet Premium content 10.00 mins Learn tips and tricks to filter wrong information and identify correct information and genuine sources on internet.

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