About us

A bit of history first. Careerfont was started in 2016 as a preparation platform for EAMCET, JEE and NEET examinations for +2 students. But soon we realized we are giving just one more tool to prepare for the exams. In other words we were becoming a burden to the students. This is not what we set out on.

So we soon pivoted to an unique platform which gives practical and realtime knowledge to students through video courses. We always chose real time and interesting topics to teach. This encourage students and children to learn on their own whenever they want and wherever they are.

Our courses are designed for children aged between 11 and 17. We zeroed in on this age group due to various reasons. Firstly, this age is very important in childrens's growth. Whatever they learn during this time will impact on their adulthood. Secondly, there is a gap between classroom learning and real world experiences. Careerfont's video courses can bridge this gap. Thridly, Whatever children learn at this age would mould their future, so children should be feed with careful learning experiences.

Careerfont's courses are designed with the following motto:

  • Chilren's curiosity should lead the learning.
  • Our courses should help children what they want to become when they grow up.
  • Our courses should make children wise and independent decision makers as they grow up.

We love to hear your feedback or suggestion. Please contact us through contact page.




He is full of enthusiasm and ideas. Careerfont took shape from his own experiences during his teenage. Being tech savy, he created Careefont to help children understand the real world better.

Samee Ahmed


He brings his rich technical expertise to Careerfont. He guides and supports the team to reach its mission. Samee Ahmed is an avid reader and author. He completed his masters in Psychology and Management.

Vijayabhanu Kote

Chief Educationist

She is a passionate teacher, poet and researcher. She regularly writes and publishes articles about children and teaching. Her experiments in Heutagogy teaching methodology earned her lot of accolades.

Megha Kandpal


Megha is a reasearcher at heart and believes in simple things. She always tries to bring in creative touch to her teachings. Students love the mixture of simplicity and creativity in her courses.

Mudit Gupta


Engineer and LAMP fellow, Mudit Gupta loves to teach finance and technology. His creative way of teaching with known characters from stories brings accolades for him from Careerfont's users.

Komal Singh


Komal Singh is passionate about teaching. And her love for technology and programming makes her a perfect instructor in those fields. She creates courses about web and programming.



Programmer by heart, Yashika is passionate about teaching. She loves to teach maths and soft skills.