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Growing children

Real-world knowledge

The age from 11 to 17 years lays foundation for adulthood. For a healthy adulthood, children should start knowing and experiencing real-life in a positive manner. Careerfont fills the gap between classroom learning and real-life. It increases positive experiences in children by keeping alive their curiosity and enthusiasm towards life.
Growing children

Ingredients of growth

Growing children need to be curious, enthusiastic and ambitious. Careerfont's courses motivate them to set and reach their goals. Teach how to balance all aspects of life and sometimes how to let it go and let things happen on their own.

Featured Courses


The Risks of Using Social Media

  • 5
  • 28:00 mins.


5 Inspiring Books All 15 Year Olds Should Start Reading

  • 6
  • 41:00 mins.


What To Believe And What Not To Belive On Internet

  • 6
  • 46:00 mins.


Roadmap To Become A Class Leader Or Group Leader

  • 4
  • 21:00 mins.

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